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about us

Your eyes are unique and so is our commitment to you

Your eyes are unique. Your eyes are what others see first. And as we all know, one look speaks volumes. As do your glasses. So you must choose them well.

A pair of glasses tells a story. It expresses your personality and your character. And your tastes. A pair of glasses can refine a look. It's an opportunity for anyone who wishes to assert their personality!

Our customers don't come through Art Optical's doors by chance. They do so for excellence. Our models are brand new, created by the greatest designers. And we, the people who serve you, are as passionate about aesthetics as we are about precision.

With you, we take time. Time to listen to you, to guide you and to advise you. The time to get to know you. Because selecting a pair of glasses means seeing the world through your eyes, from an intimate perspective.

In the same way, we take care of your sight. Every one of our employees is highly qualified. And our equipment is at the height of technology. Whether for eye glasses or sunglasses, we give you the same attention.

For us, you are unique, just like your eyes.

our collections

Elaborate designs, refined materials and ancestral know-how. High Japanese quality. Dita acetate frames are polished with different shapes and sizes of hand-cut bamboo shaving. A more intense, richer finish and distinctly superior quality providing a unique sensation for the wearer.

German design tradition, strongly influenced by Bauhaus. Ultra-fine cut metal models, without hinges or screws, alternate industrial and functional design, sometimes futuristic, sometimes retro. For all the collections, the Mykita signature blends trendy Berliner spirit with advanced technologies, vintage charm and contemporary style.

The Swedish designer is pushing back the boundaries of eyewear. This optician's collection is inspired by music, and more generally, by art. Her shapes are out of the ordinary and sometimes extravagant. They are always high quality products, manufactured from the best materials. Her black and gold sunglasses are famous. Paris Hilton can't put them down.

Son of Larry Leight, co-founder of Oliver Peoples, Garrett has taken up the baton. With undeniable talent and craftmanship, he draws inspiration from his friends and their faces. His models are always drawn by hand in the Venice Beach workshop; they are a skilful blend of vintage in a style that is always sharp and elaborate, often successfully revisiting the great American classics.

One can be relatively young and only live for what is old. This is true of Lunor, a brand founded in 1991 by the optician Gernot Lindner. Passionate about art and antiques, this designer-collector’s international fame came from high-end glasses in a retro style. His philosophy: to draw natural class from the beauty and luxuriance of antique frames. Steve Jobs, Apple's founder, swore by the German brand.

Chanel transcends fashions and eras, always with the same elegance and refinery. Chanel unveils collections that reflect each woman's personality. Mirror or transparent lenses, discreet or imposing frames, octagonal, aviator, square or butterfly shapes… Decorated with natural pearls, quilted arms and hand-polished lenses: Chanel frames are designed as true jewels.

Because there is not just one face, but hundreds and thousands. Or maybe more. In addition to the quality of its lenses, Gucci puts everything into its frames, their shape and materials. From the classic model to the most extravagant, the great Italian fashion house offers designs that are each as original as each other. And always with one sole purpose: to combine chic and practicality. Men and women all find their style and genre.

Luxury, definitely, but a relaxed or even simplified luxury. The glasses collection has a refined style where vintage design meets the brand's glamorous spirit. Céline glasses are bold and seductive and are set apart by their distinctive traits: unconventional, thick shapes, large acetate frames with rounded contours, well-defined lines and minimal logos.

And also: Dior, Ray-Ban, Jacques Marie Mage, Balenciaga, Persol, Tom Ford, Lafont, Moscot, Komono...

our service

Exceptional service for exceptional glasses. Cross Art Optical's threshold to find a trendy décor and muted atmosphere. You are welcome.

Art Optical opened its doors in 1994. This means we know our business. As passionate professionals, we are there to understand your needs as carefully as possible and find out your tastes to guide you in your choice.

We select our brands. We follow the designers closely, whether they are small outfits or large design houses. Each year, we attend the four major fashion weeks: Paris, Munich, Milan and New York. And we form close relationships with all our suppliers.

Similarly, all our employees are qualified opticians and optometrists. Each one can offer you an in-depth eye examination with the most sophisticated equipment, including the ophthalmological diagnosis unit Visionix.

And for greater precision, we also cut the glasses ourselves, in the store. This means that we have a large stock so we are able to assemble glasses more quickly, or if there has been an accident, we replace them almost immediately. Your single-vision lenses can be framed within an hour.

We do not focus on our time, but we optimise yours. For any purchase of a full set - pair of glasses with corrective lenses - your parking is free (Steinberger Louise Car Park, 2 Portes Car Park, Toison d'Or Car Park or Poelaert Car Park).

our guarantee

Our only concern is to provide you with total satisfaction. And therefore, in addition to our advice, we offer you quality products and a flawless after-sales service.

By after-sales service, we mean adjusting your glasses. For example, tightening the arms, straightening them, fitting them to your ears and cleaning the lenses by ultra-sound. We also change the hinges or the silicon plates when they show signs of fatigue.

Art Optical also complies with the legal guarantees, naturally. And offers you much more. In particular 3 years' warranty on your progressive lenses (breakage and theft). The cost of a replacement under warranty is 100% covered the 1st year, 66% covered the 2nd year and 33% covered the 3rd year.

More generally, Art Optical offers you 2 years' warranty for all the brands available, with the repair fees covered by us. This is an exclusive benefit.

Quality has a price, as they say. We believe that quality has a name and an address: Art Optical.

contact us

Art Optical
Galerie Espace Louise, 15
1050 Ixelles
+32 2 514 20 23

Monday: 11:00 - 18:30
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30 - 18:30